How to buy baby bitcoin? 2 best ways to buy baby bitcoin for you

Baby Bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency but it is created to benefit society by minimizing the vulnerability of children. To trade on an electronic exchange and buy this cryptocurrency, you need to have Bitcoin or Ethereum. Those who are just starting to invest in cryptocurrencies will find this really hard. Don’t worry, our article below will help you know how to buy baby bitcoin the easiest way.

What is baby bitcoin and why should you buy it?

What is baby bitcoin and why should you buy it?

What is baby bitcoin and why should you buy it?

Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) is a cryptocurrency that was born in July 2021. Its birth aims to focus strongly on social actions, mainly helping children in vulnerable situations.

Why should you buy BBTC? The Baby Bitcoin project is one of the best on BSC. The roadmap looks very good, and if the development team can keep up with it, it won’t be long before the market catches up. It’s a very risky bet, but it can pay off significantly.

How to buy baby bitcoin?

How to buy baby bitcoin?

How to buy baby bitcoin?

Here are the 2 best ways to buy baby bitcoin for you:

Buy baby bitcoin with Binance

Even though Baby Bitcoin isn’t listed on Binance right now, you can still buy it by linking your crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange and buying cryptos with your Binance account. To put it simply, you can buy Baby Bitcoin through Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange (BNB).

Step 1: Download a Binance wallet and set it up on your device.

If you have a desktop computer, you can download Google Chrome and the Chrome wallet extension. If you’d rather use your phone, you can download the Binance wallet from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Next, you need to create an account and set up a crypto wallet using Google Chrome or the mobile app.

Step 2: Buy the BNB chain as the base currency to buy BBTC.

Once your Binance wallet has been created, go to your Binance account and sign in. Then, you go to the Binance crypto exchange website and buy the BNB chain as the base currency to buy baby bitcoin.

Buy baby bitcoin with Binance

Buy baby bitcoin with Binance

Step 3: Send the BNB chain to your cryptocurrency wallet.

After you’ve bought your BNB chain, you can find it in your Binance wallet. Then, fill in the necessary information, such as the wallet address and the amount you want to send. Lastly, click the “Withdraw” button and wait for your BNB chain to show up in your e-wallet.

Step 4: Buy baby bitcoin from a decentralized exchange.

There are a lot of decentralized exchanges that sell baby bitcoins right now. But you must pick a place that works with the kind of e-wallet you chose earlier. For instance, if you have a Binance wallet, you can buy baby bitcoin at PancakeSwap.

Step 5: Link your wallet to the exchange and buy baby bitcoin.

You can trade your BNB chain for baby bitcoin by connecting your Binance wallet to the exchange. Choose “Baby Bitcoin” as the coin you want to receive a “BNB Chain” as the payment method.

If you don’t see Baby Bitcoin in your wallet, you should look for its smart contract. Then, click “Swap” to change BNB to BBTC.

Coinbase – how to buy baby bitcoin the easiest way

You need to have other cryptocurrencies to trade if you want to buy Baby Bitcoin on a crypto exchange. However, with our guide below, you’ll be able to buy Baby Bitcoin quickly and easily with your Credit Card or even your Bank Account.

Step 1: Make an account on Coinbase.

First, you need to go to the Coinbase website or download this app to your phone. Then, sign up to make an account and enter the information asked for.

Next, you need to set up how your transactions will be paid for. You can use a bank account or a credit card. Even though all of them can be used to pay when you buy baby bitcoins, we recommend using a credit card. Because when you use a credit card to buy baby bitcoin, you can buy it right away and have access to transact your money instantly. If you buy BBTC with money from your bank account, you won’t be able to buy Baby Bitcoin right away. Instead, you’ll have to wait about 4 to 5 days.

Buy baby bitcoin with Coinbase

Buy baby bitcoin with Coinbase

Step 2: Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at Coinbase as your base currency

Sign in to your Coinbase account and buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from there. You will then buy Baby Bitcoins with them. Choose how many Bitcoins to buy based on how many Baby Bitcoins you need to buy. Then choose how you want to pay, and click the BUY button to finish.

Step 3: Decide where you want to buy Baby Bitcoins and buy them.

Pick a cryptocurrency exchange that has Baby Bitcoin. PancakeSwap is the place where most people buy BBTC. Next, buy Baby Bitcoin with the Bitcoin or Ethereum you bought in step 2.

To buy BBTC, you need to find your BTC or ETH wallet ID in your Coinbase account. Make sure you get the wallet ID for the coin you bought from Coinbase. Bitcoin can only go into wallets that accept Bitcoin, and Ethereum can only go into wallets that accept Ethereum.

Once you know the wallet ID for your particular currency, you can go back to your Coinbase account and move your base currency to another wallet. Once your transfer has been confirmed, it will show up in your exchange account, and be ready to buy Baby Bitcoin right away.

Above are our detailed instructions to help you know how to buy baby bitcoin in the easiest way. Hopefully, you can buy BBTC successfully with our 2 ways above.

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