How To Buy Bitcoin In Argentina?

We all know that Argentina’s economy is in bad shape, so the Argentine Peso is not safe for investors to keep their money. Instead, many people bought Bitcoin and watched crypto as a safe place to save money. Please refer to how to buy Bitcoin in Argentina in the article below!

Potential of Cryptocurrency in Argentina

In Argentina, it is legal to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in this country as a way to invest. Even though it is taxed like stocks and bonds, investing in crypto is still a safe way to keep your money.

But Argentina’s Financial Information Unit (FIU) has ordered tighter controls on cryptocurrency transactions to stop money laundering and lower the value of the peso against the US dollar. The Argentine government wants to keep a close eye on how people buy Bitcoin with Argentine pesos and turn it into USD, so they don’t let people use Argentine credit cards to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

But if you still want to invest in cryptocurrencies, check out how to buy Bitcoin in Argentina below.

How To Buy Bitcoin In Argentina?

You can’t use an Argentine credit card to buy cryptocurrencies directly. But you can completely exchange cryptocurrency peer-to-peer. First, you’ll need to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange and give some personal information to prove who you are. Next, if you want to join a cryptocurrency exchange, you need to choose a reputable exchange. We suggest looking for exchanges with high volume, low transaction fees, and support for the cryptocurrency you want to trade. For example, if you want to buy baby bitcoin or micro bitcoin, there will only be one number of major exchanges that have these.

Buy Bitcoin In Argentina

Buy Bitcoin In Argentina

Once you’ve signed up, it’s easy to buy cryptocurrency right away using a debit card, or a credit card, or if you want to take it slow, a bank transfer to fund your account. Note that Argentinian credit cards won’t work if you want to buy cryptocurrency. If you only use fiat currencies to fund your account instead of buying crypto directly, you will need to trade your fiat for Bitcoin or any other supported altcoin that the exchange lets you trade with your fiat. All other cryptocurrencies are tied to Bitcoin, so buying Bitcoin is the best way to get any other cryptocurrency you want.

The Best Argentina crypto exchange

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and want to invest in it, here are some Argentina crypto exchanges that you can use:


Paybis is the best Argentina crypto exchange, it makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies easily. This exchange is signed up with FinCEN and serves more than 180 countries and 48 US states. This is a regulated and trusted exchange for beginners. You only need to verify 5 minutes to be able to join the Paybis exchange. It also pays out quickly and lets you choose from a number of different payment methods.

eToro – The best Argentina crypto exchange

eToro is a trusted exchange and trading platform for people in Argentina who want to invest in bitcoin. It lets people trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and many others.

eToro - The best Argentina crypto exchange

eToro – The best Argentina crypto exchange

eToro can quickly complete your transaction via bank transfer, Sepa, PayPal, etc. Copy trading is one of the unique features that eToro has to offer. The best thing about this exchange is that it has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. This makes it a great choice for people who are just starting out investing in cryptocurrencies.


Coinmama is the best Argentina crypto exchange, which lets people from almost any country buy bitcoin. They charge between 4.9% and 5.9% of the amount of cryptocurrency you buy. If you live in South America, a Sepa transfer is a cheaper way to buy bitcoins. The good things about this broker include an easy-to-use interface, fees that aren’t too high, and reliable brokers.


Bitex - The best Argentina crypto exchange


Bitex is a major cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina. It also serves a lot of other countries in South America, like Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. So you can completely trust and trade Bitcoin on this exchange. The good thing about Bitex is that most transactions from South American countries, like Argentina, don’t cost much. You can also choose from a lot of different ways to pay.

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CEX is the best Argentina crypto exchange. To buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, you can use a credit card, ACH bank, Sepa, or an AstroPay e-wallet. CEX does business in the United States, Europe, and a number of countries in South America. In particular, this exchange has very low fees for cryptocurrency transactions, only 0.2%.


Buda - The best Argentina crypto exchange


Buda is an exchange for Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia that is backed by US investors. But this Exchange is only for South American investors; US investors can’t use it. The advantage of this exchange is that it has good liquidity and very fast trade execution.

Bitso – The best Argentina crypto exchange

Bitso began in the year 2014. It is one of the few places in Latin America where you can trade cryptocurrencies in a safe way. It lets people buy and sell cryptocurrencies in US Dollars, Argentine Pesos, and Mexican Pesos.




Ripio is a place where people can trade Bitcoins. It is based in Argentina. It gives investors easy ways to pay, like bank transfers from Argentina or Brazil, cash payments, or payments made through Easy Payment or Rapipago. This is a safe and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange.


SatoshiTango is the best Argentina crypto exchange. The platform also lets people from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua buy bitcoin. Investors can also choose from a wide range of ways to pay, such as bank transfer, cash deposit in Buenos Aires, or coupons from PagoFacil, RapiPago, BaproPagos, CobroExpress, or ProvinciaPagos.

Bitcoin ATMs

How To Buy Bitcoin In Argentina

Bitcoin ATMs

Using a Bitcoin ATM to buy bitcoins with cash is the easiest way to buy bitcoins in Argentina. But it will be hard to find Bitcoin ATMs and they will cost more than other ways to trade. Most Bitcoin ATMs charge fees of between 5 and 10%.


CryptoMarket is the best Chile and Argentina crypto exchange. It is based in Chile and is regulated, so it is one of the safe and reputable exchanges. This exchange also lets you pay for Bitcoin exchange with ARS. There are also live trading pairs between ARS and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, and so on.

You can find detailed answers to the question “how to buy Bitcoin in Argentina?” in the article above. In addition, we recommend you the best Argentina crypto exchange. We hope you enjoy this article.

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